Impeachment Deposition Delayed After Republicans Storm Proceedings

Impeachment Deposition Delayed After Republicans Storm Proceedings:  Republicans defense of President Trump grew even more frantic and disjointed on Wednesday, with House members storming a closed-door hearing, compromising national security by bringing electronics into a secure area and forcing House internal security to do a full sweep of the room for potential bugs and other security breaches.

Gee, that reminds me of back when the Dems stormed those endless Benghazi hearings the Republicans were holding.  Remember that?  Me neither, but I do understand their frustration.  After all, things like facts and information have always been quite frightening to Republicans.  And with all the insane things that have been surfacing in testimony of late, it was either storm the hearing or go back on the meds.  Luckily for them, they have Donald Trump at the helm to guide them through this storm.

But gee whiz, gosh and golly folks!  Just to think that these cranky old, stone-age Republicans actually formed themselves into a “flash mob?”  I dare you to try and unsee that one folks!  Now I have no idea who their choreographer may have been, but word on the street has it that both Mitch McConnell and Lindsay Graham – are simply wonderful dancers.

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