In 2017, Trump paid $318,672 in taxes. Why doesn’t he say that?

The NY Times has reported that Donald Trump paid $750 in taxes in 2017.

Well, that’s how most people are reading it but, strictly speaking, that’s not what the Times reported. They reported that he paid $318,672 in taxes in 2017.

That’s a pretty big difference. Why isn’t Trump calling anyone on this? Why isn’t he talking about the other $317.922?

Because of where it went.

$15,598 was paid to the government of Panama.

$145,500 was paid to the government of India.

$156,824 was paid to the government of the Philippines.

Fewer than one out of every four hundred of his tax dollars went to his own country,
of which he’s President.

That might not go over well with the electorate. I hope Biden’s people notice it. It would be a very embarrassing thing to bring up at the debate.

It’s been printed in both The NY Times and the Washington Post, but being printed and being noticed are two different things.

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