Indifference: Trump is Counting on It

There are people whose lives are unaffected by the decisions and choices the can have an impact on the lives of those who are susceptible and vulnerable.

The luxury of callous indifference goes to those whose lives are unscathed and unchanged by the tides and winds of electoral politics….

They live above the fray, above the oratory clamor of campaigns and candidates.

None of this matters to such people because they enjoy the isolation and insulation of self contained fulfillment of their hopes and dreams for themselves and their posterity…

These are the folks who really don’t give a shit about anything or anyone but themselves because, as they see it, they don’t have to….

They insist that nothing that they do or say will matter anyway, so they think; “why bother?”

Trump is counting on the indifference of those who find politics tedious and difficult to decipher. He is counting on the indifference of those who will find neither party, or candidate, desirable.

He is counting on indifference to suppress the vote sufficiently enough to cause him to win without a majority or a plurality.

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