U.S. Allies Ignore Israel’s Warnings About Iran Nuclear Plans

Embattled Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is trying to get the U.S. to cancel the 2015 accord with Iran, exchanging Iran’s promise to freeze its nuclear arms program in exchange for a relaxation of trade sanctions against Iran.  The rest of the world, however, is ignoring Netanyahu’s evidence of Iran’s now suspended nuclear arms program on the basis of the fact that Netanyahu’s evidence is “old news.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump pledged to tear up the nuclear arms deal with Iran during his campaign. President Trump has been under considerable pressure from pro-Israel lobbyists to honor that campaign pledge. France and Germany, however, are pressuring Trump to stick with the nuclear arms deal on the grounds that the Israeli “revelations” prove the need for a strict interdiction of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

Supporters of the agreements believe that the trade deal is keeping Iran from re-starting its nuclear program. Opponents believe that Iran might be continuing to develop their aggressive nuclear capacity covertly, although no one – not even Israel – has offered evidence for that belief.

President Trump continues to talk about taking another look at the trade agreement to see if it needs further strengthening, but no one in the Trump administration seems to be pushing for either scaping or rewriting the accord with Iran.

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