Is Manchin Preparing to ‘Bait & Switch’ His Way to the Presidency?

Manchin is coming perilously close to switching parties and thereby handing the Republican Party a Senate majority on a silver platter.

McConnell has praised Manchin’s posture and stance on the filibuster. Manchin’s current performance re the Biden legislative agenda may be viewed as an audition for a prominent leadership role and position in the Republican Party should he decide to take a seat on the other side of the aisle.

It may well be that his long range plan is to wait until Trump himself becomes politically irrelevant due to federal and state prosecutions.

If, and or when, Trump is found guilty of something and precluded from ever holding any elective office again, it would be deemed propitious and advantageous by Manchin to switch parties and make a run for the Presidency as a newly minted Republican convert.

The most telling comment he made re his posture on American democracy was the remark he uttered when asked whether he would support removal of the filibuster in order to pass legislation needed to create a bipartisan 911 style investigatory commission on the events of January 6th, he said:

“I’m not ready to destroy the government.”