Israeli Police Recommend Indictment of Netanyahu

JERUSALEM — Israeli Prime ­Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should be indicted in two corruption cases on suspicion of accepting bribes, fraud and breach of trust, police recommended Tuesday, ramping up pressure on the leader who has served more than a decade in office.

After more than a year of investigations, Israeli police said they believe there is sufficient evidence against the prime minister to indict him on suspicion of giving political favors for gifts worth around $280,000 in total and of cutting a deal with a newspaper publisher for favorable coverage. Israel’s attorney general must now decide whether to proceed with charges, a process that could take months.

The announcement will amplify calls by Netanyahu’s opponents for him to resign and will likely complicate his ability to govern at a time when security officials are warning of an increasing likelihood of war on the country’s northern border and impending economic collapse in the Gaza Strip.

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JERUSALEM POST:  Police Recommend Netanyahu be Indicted for Bribery on Two Charges

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