Issues on Website: UPDATE

UPDATE: We have just been automatically updated to the newest version of WordPress. I am seeing significantly improved loading speeds, which is a good thing. I haven’t determined yet whether this has affected our ability to upload new images.  More research required.

I am going to have to make a serious decision about how I am running BindleSnitch.

Right now it is costing me around $25.95 a month for the hosting service. (There are other costs that amount to around $1,000 but I prefer not to think about that right now.)

I am going to upgrade to a higher level of service, at a cost of $39.95 a month.

So, for a difference of $14 a month, we will get a much faster website and some of the little glitches will go away.

The other alternative is to delete a bunch of files from the website, something that has to be done with great care. Robert used to do that stuff, so I am feeling very reluctant to take that route. I can do it. I have done it. I just don’t like deleting anything for the same reason that I can’t bring myself to throw away a book, any book, even books I hate.

I still have vague hopes that BindleSnitch will become something someday, if only users would promote their articles to social media. I keep inviting people to use the site but that doesn’t seem to happen.

There will be a brief period when the site will be down.  I will not have access to Bindlesnitch email until this is resolved.

Someone once offered to kick in toward the cost of running this thing, but I really don’t know exactly how much it costs because I occasionally have to renew the licenses for some of the plug-ins, and some of the plugins are very expensive.

Not asking for money. Just letting you know.

Note to Ron:  I have not been able to see the problem that you are having. Are you using a phone or a tablet?

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