Joy Reid is Spot On: Reprise

I posted this video shortly after the broadcast on MSNBC in which Joy Reid’s remarks about the insurrection on Jan 6th were first aired live.

Her comments are so strikingly accurate and truthful that there was no reply or retort from the other normally glib panelists who appeared with her on the program which addressed the events of the day.

In short, she left them stunned and speechless.

The video of her remarks bears repeat posting and viewing because of what is happening in Republican controlled state houses and capitols across the country.

Re the sense of proprietary entitlement white people manifest in the exercise of their white privilege, Joy Reid is spot on:

There are far too many white people in America today who would rather cling to their racism than preserve ‘their’ democracy.

White state legislators and governors who are moving to restrict and suppress voting by people of color believe that by doing so they are “taking their country back”.

However, if there is any truth in the notion that “demographics are destiny”, their efforts are doomed to fail in the long run.

Be that as it may, in the short term their refusal to share ‘their democracy’ and the willingness to destroy confidence in the electoral process due to the participation of non-whites may cause harm and damage to the body politic such  that it could take decades or even generations to restore the faith and trust the people must have in the democratic means by which their government is chosen…

The concept of America is in deep trouble…

If America doesn’t continue to evolve toward a multiracial, multicultural, egalitarian society and democracy it must surely devolve into a plutocratic autocracy predicated on white supremacy….

Take your pick.

Apparently, a significant portion of the population has already made their choice.