Kaley Cuoco Hints at ‘Big Bang’ Spinoff

As the cast and fans of the Big Bang Theory prepare for its last season, actress Kaley Cuoco has hinted that this may not be her last season portraying  Penny Hofstetter. With season 12 beginning tonight on CBS, Cuoco, speaking to Extra, explained that she would love to see her role continue for two decades or more.

“It’s broken my heart,” she told the show. “I am so sad that it’s ending. For the record, I would have done 20 more years.”

According to the story on Foxnews.com, Cuoco and most of the cast were surprised to hear that the show was coming to an end after this season. “I think we were all hoping for a giant ‘bazinga!’” she explained using one of the signature catchphrases of the show.

Not So Fast…

While Big Bang may be coming to an end, there has been talk of a spinoff in the works. One of the shows co-creators and producers, Chuck Lorre, is already considering a spinoff, much in the same vein as Frasier (Cheers) or Joey (Full House).

Cuoco acknowledged that no one had told her or her agent that Penny would be the focus of the spinoff, or that a continuation of the show was even likely, but she made it clear she would be happy to continue in the role. “If he called me and said ‘let’s do something’ tomorrow, I would.”

Most of the Cast on Board

Only Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the show, seems content to put aside his role. He already is the narrator of the prequel to the Big Bang TheoryYoung Sheldon, and has shown no interest in continuing in his current role.

That is not true of all the characters however. Kunal Nayyar, who plays Raj on the show, has expressed his desire to see his character continue, no matter what that may look like. “You get to explore different aspects and have many potential guest stars. Instead of Young Sheldon, it’ll be ‘Old and Fat Raj.’”

Cuoco married Karl Cook in July and has been taking on projects from her new production company, but she and others from the show have clearly been interested in continuing the hit comedy, much in the same way that NBC kept the character of Frasier alive with Kelsey Grammar as the lead in the comedy named for its lead character. Since Lorre at least seems interested in the possibility of a spinoff, it is possible that the Penny, Leonard and others from the show may still be a regular part of the primetime lineup at CBS.


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