Kamala Harris – A Complete Psychopath

What a great vice-presidential candidate. There is nothing better than choosing a person who thinks that kids being afraid that they and their parents will go to prison is funny. Not just funny, but giddy.

Here is her “progressive,” “moral,” “intelligent” way of handling a problem. She recognizes that kids that don’t go to school are more likely to go to prison. So, what is her solution? To send them and their parents to jail for not going to school. Wow, that is a great solution. With that kind of logic, the solution to a person who is overweight is to leave them at a buffet all day, or to help a drug addicted person is to give them cocaine intravenously everyday.

Not only does she think this is a great idea, but Kamala Harris is absolutely laughing her ass off at kids being afraid of going to jail. The vast majority of people affected by this would be poor, black women, but she is trying to help them by sending them to jail. That is the very definition of a psychopath. Great choice Joe Biden.

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