Kanye West Claims $68 Million Tax Refund Was God’s Reward

Kanye West Claims $68 Million Tax Refund Was God’s Reward:  During a recent appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, musician and loyal Trump supporter Kayne West said that the $68 million tax refund he received in 2019 was his reward from God for being a born-again Christian – money which will allow him to stay afloat financially.  

Wow, I’m so happy for Him!  No, not Kanye – I meant God.  I mean, who could have known God was doing tax returns on the side these days?  Of course, I’m sure his followers are praying that this is just seasonal, part-time work for God – and not His new, full-time gig.  

My guess is, He probably learned to do taxes by taking night classes somewhere like Pepperdine.  Pepperdine’s always been kind of a religious school anyway, so I’m sure His getting admitted there was just a piece of cake.  Hell, He probably even cut most of his classes.  I mean, who’s gonna flunk God?  

Now, I don’t wanna sound skeptical, but my I suspect Kanye’s massive IRS refund actually had less to do with God, and more to do with the massive tax breaks his good pal Donald Trump recently bestowed on the ultra-rich.  That, and the fact he’s now made himself the head of a church – and now likely exempt from paying any damn taxes at all.


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