Las Vegas Neo-Nazi Charged With Plot to Bomb Gay Club and Synagogue

Las Vegas Neo-Nazi Charged With Plot to Bomb Gay Club and Synagogue:  The FBI arrested and charged 23-year-old Las Vegas neo-Nazi Conor Climo, with plotting to bomb a synagogue and gay night club after he was found in possession of bomb-making materials and various high-powered weapons and ammunitions while communicating with white supremacist organizations.

Well, it also turns out this fine gentleman was yet another one of those “patriotic” Americans who fancied himself as a self-appointed neighborhood watch guard – and a heavily armed one at that, complete with knives, pistols and an AR-15.  

Now, I hate to sound judgmental, but I suspect that if your neighborhood watch guy looks like this guy – perhaps your neighborhood might be better off without a “neighborhood watch guy.”  

Meanwhile, President Trump says he’ll be meeting with the NRA very soon on the topic of gun violence.  Now I realize Republicans are always telling us that those NRA folks are most definitely not lobbyists, but damned if I can remember what branch of government they’re with.

On the other hand, it appears the President was correct about how dangerous those video games are, as word on the street has it this guy played an awful lot of Pac-Man.  

Anyway, looks like Mr Conor Climo will sure have lots of time to explore those feelings of his about Jews and homosexuality – while he’s serving out his prison sentence.

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