Let’s Play ‘What If’ with a False Equivalence

In October of 1995, Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam held a demonstration and rally on the ellipse in Washington, DC….

The Nation of Islam is an organization which the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) describes as black nationalist and a hate group.

Believing that “black men have been designated by the culture as the sacrificial lambs for male evil”, organizers of the Million Man March asked the black men in attendance to make a public display of their commitment to responsible and constructive behavior that would give the mass media positive imagery to broadcast.

Beyond the speeches and crowd reactions, nothing of consequence or note took place. There was no threat or hint of violence.

The assemblage was numbered at somewhere between 660 thousand and 1.1 million of almost exclusively black men…

The event’s 20th anniversary was commemorated in 2015 by a rally and demonstration in the same location. Again, with no threat or hint of violence…

But, what if either of the gatherings, stoked by Farrakh’s rhetoric, had morphed into an ugly and violent confrontation between law enforcement and the crowd?

What if Farrakhan and the event organizers had chosen to ignore and violate the terms and parameters of the permits issued and march up Pennsylvania Avenue with the expressed intention to storm the Capitol?

What if…