LGBT Rights-Persuasion? Force? The Court Correctly Chose Force

Whether or not one thinks LGBT Equality under law should primarily be a matter of persuasion or force, the Court itself chose, charted a force course several Junes back, obviating the need for activists to persuade, state legislature by state legislature.  Our nation increasingly understands: patchwork quilting simply does not work as to fundamental constitutional rights. 

I’d ask those championing persuasion absent the force of law whether or not they would have chosen, in our earlier civil rights eras, persuasion over force of law and, now, as to women’s right to control their health care choices. 

Our nation must continue to strive to be a nation in which all (non-incarcerated, etc.) adult citizens enjoy the same rights under law. To be less would be a betrayal.

Whether or not gender and all its multiple complexities is primarily a matter of biology should be irrelevant to citizens’ rights under law.

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