Liberal Hysterics Proven Wrong…Again

What do you get when you cross a liberal with a computer? A hysterical rant.

No, that is not the punchline to a bad joke, but is instead the reality of today’s liberals. Far too many see any type of story as the end of the world, and their first inclination is to go bat s*** crazy about it.

This was the case last week when liberals were up in arms about California Governor Gavin Newsom’s order that people shelter in. “Oh my god, homeless people are going to be jailed. Where are they to shelter in? The jails are going to be filled with homeless people.!”

It was pointed out that police are not going to run around arresting people who potentially have the coronavirus to put them in jail for two reasons:

  1. Police are not going to put themselves at risk over such a silly offense.
  2. Corrections staff are not going to want people who could easily have the disease in their jail.

They said I was crazy when I made these assertions. They were so much smarter than me and I was just the ignorant fool who didn’t know any better.

Well, I guess San Francisco did not know any better either. On March 12, a week before hysterical liberal rants began, San Francisco police stopped arresting all people who did not commit a violent offense. The last I knew, being homeless was not a violent offense.

This was the first of 10 major cities to implement such policies, and it is likely that many more cities have a similar policy in place, but is not known by the public.

There are many liberals who are quite bright and knowledgeable, yet, they are unbelievably stupid right now. They have thrown out their intellect because of hate and anger.

To my fellow Americans who lean or shelter to the left, here is a little advice for you: The next time you are about to go on a rant, step away from the computer. Go and do something else for a while. It will likely save you from a rant that you will only make you look foolish later on.

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