Louisiana Woman Arrested for Selling $20 Fake Doctor’s Notes

Louisiana Woman Arrested for Selling $20 Fake Doctor’s Notes:  Belinda Gail Fondren, a 52-year-old Evans, Louisiana woman, has been arrested for selling 14 forged doctor’s notes she had stolen from a local physician’s office – notes which were used to provide students with excuses to cut classes, which she was selling for $20 a pop. 

Hell, if this would have been a crime back when I was in high school, half my classmates would have been behind bars.  Meanwhile, local police tried to reassure concerned citizens by putting four more detectives on the case and assigning all the boys down at the crime lab to work overtime.

Now I don’t know this woman, but I’ll tell you one thing – she had better learn to change her ways and fast, because everyone knows it’s a hard damn life living in that shadowy underworld of the “fake doctor’s note industry.”   

Police told reporters that Ms Fondren’s crime was finally exposed after school officials realized that all those notes were actually written in legible handwriting.  Obviously, no self-respecting doctor would ever use handwriting which someone could actually read.  

Anyway, before she’s sentenced, handcuffed and sent off to jail, I was kind of wondering if it’s possible if those notes can also be used to get someone out of jury duty?  I’m just asking for a friend.


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