MI Governor Passes on Presidential Bid

After weeks of ongoing speculation, Michigan Republican Governor, Rick Snyder announced on Thursday that he will not be seeking a presidential bid in 2016 after all. “I do not have plans to run for president in 2016,” Snyder stated. “I will focus my attention on continuing Michigan’s reinvention.”

Snyder went on to say,“I will continue to tell Michigan’s comeback story nationally because our reinvention should not be unique to just our state. In addition, being loud and proud about Michigan can help grow our state by attracting more investment, businesses, and new residents.”

Snyder, received criticism recently from many Michigan voters as well as lawmakers after the crushing defeat of Proposal one in Tuesday’s election. The main goal of Proposal one was to raise Michigan’s current sales tax from six percent to seven percent, in addition to adding an extra $1.3 billion dollars to fix the state’s crumbling roads.

The 60 percent defeat of Proposal one was the worst rejection of a proposed amendment  since Michigan first adopted its current constitution back in 1963.  With the proposal failing miserably, both Snyder and lawmakers are now attempting to find other solutions to improve the roads in the state.

Analysts have said that Snyder’s resume matches particularly well with other Midwestern governors who are considering a run for the presidency. Nevertheless, they also stated that Snyder is simply too moderate to succeed in early Republican primaries and has not raised any campaign money thus far.

“As a governor who has pushed for both the expansion of Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and a major road funding tax increase in Tuesday’s special election, is generally seen as too moderate to fare well in most of the early Republican primaries and caucuses,” one analyst is quoted as saying to The Detroit Free Press.

Buzz surrounding the governor’s “possible” run for the White House had been stewing for approximately two years now. Snyder never ruled out a possible presidential run, but he had done very little to encourage it either.

According to The International Business Times, Governor Snyder was spotted in Las Vegas recently, speaking to members of the Republican Jewish Coalition. The meeting included U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, who already threw his hat in the ring for a run at the White House, in addition to former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

The Guardian reported that Snyder told at least one other person at the meeting that he in fact was running for president. “I met with Rick Snyder yesterday,” former U.S. Sen. Norm Coleman of Minnesota told reporters Saturday. “He’s running, he’s running.”

There were a number of phone calls from various news organizations and Michigan voters who were seeking confirmation that the governor was in fact running. While many supported a run by Governor Snyder, it is apparent that he decided to focus his attention on fixing Michigan’s state roads and other issues affecting the state.

If Snyder were to have run for president he would have faced some big name Republican challengers that are more well-known than he is. Some of these major contenders include:

  • Jeb Bush (Former Governor of Florida)
  • Ted Cruz (U.S. Senator from Texas)
  • Chris Christie (Governor of New Jersey)
  • Mike Huckabee (Former Governor of Arkansas)
  • Marco Rubio (U.S. Senator from Florida) and many others.

Huckabee, Cruz and Rubio have already committed to running.

“I just think there are too many people ahead of him in line,” Bill Ballenger, founder of Inside Michigan Politics, told MLive last week. “Too many people have done too much work to position themselves more strongly than he is.”

A complete listing of all the Republican candidates can be found at http://2016.republican-candidates.org/.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

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