More Important News

I was about to buy into a higher service level from our hosting company, and then I learned that this would increase the cost from $26 a month to $60 a month.

That’s a lot more than I was quoted just a few weeks ago.

At this point, I am losing control over the website, unable to revise anything in terms of the design, and I am at the point where it is obvious that the design is no longer appropriate.

I don’t want to shut this thing down, but the only other alternative is to delete older files, which will be very painful (and very time-consuming.)

There are quite a few long involved conversations stemming from certain posts. Just by deleting the posts from a couple of former members, I have inadvertently disrupted several of those conversations.

At this point, what I want to do is vastly simplify the website, which will involve some major surgery, and delete older posts…and I don’t quite know how to do this without disrupting the ongoing conversations.

Looking over the material in our database, I see several threads that could become publishable books if someone wanted to work on that.

So, I am going to be sending this out by email to everyone I consider to be an active member asking for feedback on the possible pathways from here.

They are:

  1. To bite the bullet and pay the increased monthly charge – but I am going to have to ask the people here to help me pick up that expense. I can’t carry it by myself at this point.

2.  To be the bullet the other way, and delete older material after giving members due warning so that they can download the materials they want to preserve. The due diligence here would be for each of you to tell me when it would be all right for me to begin the process of deleting files. (My inclination would be to delete the oldest files first until I get the files down to the permissible number…although I suspect that I will find that I have to delete just about everything…we shall see.

3.  To shut BindleSnitch down. I understand the value it has provided for the users, but the unpleasant facts are that I am not able to remember how to do certain things on the website any longer and I simply won’t ask the only person who could help me because of the manner in which he jumped ship. I did that once and I can’t remember what he told me. I am sure I have the data somewhere….but finding it will be almost impossible.

If you’ve received this post as an email, then I need your feedback before I can make the final decision.



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