My Tarot Website

Finally finished. Or ‘finished’. I had a friend check it over for me for format glitches, typos, etc. She may not have caught everything. Plus, doing a website is both easy and hard. As in many things in life, I now know how to do it (at least a lot better & quicker), but don’t expect to use this hard-earned experience in future.

I wrote most of the material at least 20 years ago during winter vacays in Ft. Lauderdale. Not a whole lot to do in FA. Okay, did visit the keys and the everglades and a friend in Pt. Charlotte and the seaglass beach and…and… Also, Florida has awesome thrift shops (so many old people dying and having their households cleared out). Still, a lot of time in the rental apartment with elderly husband who didn’t much want to do anything/go anywhere. (Yes, early-bird specials at Red Lobster.)

Pages kicking around, and then a couple of years ago I transferred to website, and these past few months worked intensively on it.

Hah! Putting it out there now, and expect some blow-back because tarot is supposed to be mystical and mysterious, and I boil it down to a one-page formula. Not that I expect it to be noticed generally (there are zillions of tarot sites), but it will get at least a bit of attention in the Wiccan/pagan communities that I’m part of and where everyone and their dog (or black cat) does tarot.

Hmm. Excuse me while I do a reading to see what its reception will be…

Oy. Not good.

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