New Report Finds Russians Used Greed to Capture the NRA

New Report Finds Russians Used Greed to Capture the NRA:  A year-long Senate finance committee investigation found that ties between the National Rifle Association (NRA) and influential Russians were both substantial and lucrative enough, to render the politically powerful gun lobby an “asset” of Russia.

No kidding – an asset of Russia?  Hell, the guy who lives just down the street from me is a huge gun enthusiast.  I should probably drop by and ask him how many Rubles it takes these days to get an NRA membership.

Now, the NRA has recently taken a lot of slack for opposing legislation geared toward preventing people with severe mental health issues from owning guns, but I aways understood the NRA position on the matter.  After all, if the mentally ill couldn’t own guns, then who the hell they supposed to get to join the NRA?  

Of course, in all fairness, I’m sure it’s all purely coincidental that just about every single Republican or conservative organization you can think of – seems to have Russians coming out of the woodwork.  Talk about rotten luck!

On a positive note, at least Wayne LaPierre got himself some pretty decent perks out of the deal.  It must be comforting for NRA members, knowing they’re doing their part to ensure LaPierre continues enjoying that cushy lifestyle of his.  Besides, if things ever did go south, I’m sure LaPierre could always get Rudy Giuliani to represent him.

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