New Study Links Long Droughts to Higher Suicide Rates

Scientists say they’ve found an interesting link between how long a drought drags on and higher suicide rates.  Now, I realize this is no time to be writing “drought jokes,” but I’ve always been cursed with this really “dry” sense of humor.

Study Finds Eating Disorder “Pics” on the Rise:  According to a new government report, that more and more people are being hospitalized with the eating disorder “pica,” where people consume non-edible items like hair, paper, dirt and feces.  Well, I suppose that pretty much explains all those folks eating off those greasy lunch trucks parked outside the auto repair shop where I get my car worked on. 

Study Finds Knee Replacement Doesn’t Solve Sexual Problems:  Patients having knee replacement surgery sometimes hope to regain or improve their sexual activity afterward, but a new study found that quite often doesn’t happen.  OK fine, but my question is – if you’re thinking about getting knee replacement surgery to improve your sex life, just what the hell kind of sex are you having?

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