New Whistleblower Complaint Targets Trump’s Tax Audit

New Whistleblower Complaint Targets Trump’s Tax Audit:  Another whistleblower complaint has been lodged, this one alleging “inappropriate efforts to influence” the mandatory IRS audit of President Donald Trump’s tax returns.

Now, to be completely honest, my concern here, is more from the point of view of a consumer than that of a citizen.  I mean, if these damn whistleblowers keep coming out of the woodwork, our beloved nation will inevitably run reach a point – where we’ll run out of whistles.  Then what?

I’ll tell you one thing, Trump was right on the money way back in 2016, when he said “if you vote for Hillary, you will see non-stop scandals, endless investigations, insane drama and most likely – impeachment.”  Well, most Americans did vote for Hillary, and everything Trump predicted, has come to fruition.

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