NOAA Now Backing Trump on Alabama Hurricane Forecast

NOAA Now Backing Trump on Alabama Hurricane Forecast:  After President Trump displayed a doctored map to try to justify his earlier false claim that Alabama was at risk of a direct hit from Hurricane Dorian, Trump-appointed officials at NOAA on Friday fired off an unsigned tweet siding with the President over their own scientists in this ongoing controversy.

Now, I never dreamed it possible, but somehow Donald Trump has actually managed to politicize the “wind.”  I mean, come on – this damn NOAA statement sounds a helluva lot more like a hostage statement than a public safety notification.    

Anyway, let me get this straight.  So we have a statement put out by a governmental agency, who’s ultimately responsible for the public safety, defending an inaccurate, pathetic and embarrassingly insane weather forecast issued by Donald Trump?  

I mean, just how can something like this even happen?  Has no one ever read Orwell?  And speaking of Orwell, isn’t it about time we begin seriously thinking about removing this half-witted narcissist from the Animal Farm – to the “funny farm?”

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