Not exactly a silver lining, but close

I took a trip this weekend. Really a failed trip. I took my wife to my cousin’s in Stowe, VT to look at leaves but it turns out they’ve barely started changing so we saw a whole lot of green.

Going to my cousin’s has the advantage of allowing us to bring the dog. That means a lot of walking, which in Stowe this time of year is pleasant. Also a lot of nighttime walking, which I do anyway. We were coming back from a walk in a dark enough area that I needed to use a flashlight to see (wooded bicycle path, trees blocking sky) when I looked up and saw this. This being taken on an IPhone maybe a couple of years old, the sky looked black to me but blue in the photograph. Those phones lighten night photos. But the glowing rim of the cloud was the same.

This won’t be a post I care about saving. I have the shot. I hope the rest of you are saving whatever you want to keep.

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