NY Times prints a “useless, feel-good, if not a solipsistic meme”

In a recent post I stated that refusal to refer to Trump as President is a form of political resistance:

Trump: The ‘Clown Prince’ Who Would Be King

Apparently, I am not alone:

Trump Endorses Turkish Military Operation in Syria, Shifting U.S. Policy https://nyti.ms/2obcMSC

Including the headline, there are 17 references to Trump in this. New York Times article.

Only one of the 17 refers to him as President.

In recent interviews on MSNBC, both Professor Laurence Tribe of Harvard Law and Professor Timothy Snyder of Yale University were engaged in the practice of referring to Trump without a title and simply calling home Mr. Trump.

I’ll take being in the company of Pulitzer winners, Yale professors and Harvard lawyers over the acquiescence of the intellectually lethargic and rhetorically challenged…

Apparently, it is possible to bea’ president without being ‘the’ president.

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