Ohio Curfew Starts November 19th

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine just issued a curfew for our state which takes effect Thursday November 19th.  The curfew covers the hours between 10pm and 5am daily.  

I find this interesting because I am not entirely sure what their angle is.  There is already a 10pm closing time for bars and restaurants.  Maybe this is to avoid closing other businesses, and allow citizens to make essential errands without necessarily weighing on businesses directly.  Also, my wife and I tend to be inside by 10pm already.  I’m easily within an hour of lights out by then.

We have already figured that we are among the most compliant with pandemic restrictions since March of 2020.  We have made two trips outside of the metro area since February 2020, and have been strategic about shopping, etc.  I think our biggest exposure was having numerous contractors in the house this year for remodeling.  Our plumber actually took his family to the beach in Florida in the middle of our remodeling.  I wanted to kill him, but he wasn’t a believer in the seriousness of the pandemic.  

The curfew will be controversial.  I’m curious t see how it plays out.  I never liked our Governor, DeWine, but he has handled the pandemic beautifully.  People should cut him some slack when they find out about the new curfew, sometime today.  But, they wont.

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