Ohio Man Accused of Planning Attack on Jewish Center

Ohio Man Accused of Planning Attack on Jewish Center:  A self-described white nationalist who owned assault-style weapons and lots of Nazi World War II memorabilia, has been charged in federal court with making threats to attack an Ohio Jewish community center.

Why, what a surprise!  Another heavily-armed white nationalist planning a massacre?  Let’s see, that makes six foiled mass shootings in the past 3 weeks, and guess what – they’re all white and they’re all Trump supporters.  Who could’ve imagined?  

So, it seems Trump’s Master Race strikes again!  And doesn’t this guy look like one “glorious” human specimen?  No wonder he feels superior to all the rest of us.  Why he looks so “happy” in that mugshot – maybe he should have just stuck to playing video games in his mom’s basement?  

Anyway, isn’t it odd we don’t see all those right-wing, Fox News media figures like Hannity or Tucker Carlson looking earnestly into the camera and asking “when is all this white on white crime gonna stop?”  Why, it’s almost as if stories like this never get reported on Fox News.


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