On Stupidity

I found something interesting this morning which relates to discussions that we have had here regarding Donald Trump.  There has been disagreement on the question of whether or not Trump is “stupid”.  I have personally used numerous disparaging terms for Trump’s intelligence, while conceding that he has a basic intelligence in the way that society typically judges intelligence.  My view has always been that Trump managing to clear this bar only says something about the way that we think about intelligence, rather than his level of intelligence.


This 12 minute video uses an analysis of the concept of intelligence that comports with my view.  That view is that there is a social aspect to intelligence, such that, otherwise intelligent and successful people can be stupid, depending on the way that they function.  In essence, it is more a measure of conduct within groups than merely problem solving and information possession.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3O9FFrLpinQ

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