Only Trump stands between us and the Tooth Fairy

Donald Trump is the only bulwark we have from the country being taken over by the Tooth Fairy and her minions.

Don’t kid yourself; she’s dangerous. She has access to everyones’ houses and she can plant microphones and cameras in any house she wants. She buys up teeth for a pittance, then sells them on the lucrative International Tooth Market. Ground up human teeth are considered an aphrodisiac in parts of Asia. That’s how she finances the Dark State.

The Dark State is quietly establishing a monopoly on dentures. That effort is being headed by George Soros. Look at the names of companies that own denture manufacturers. They’re all the names of shell corporations designed to look like ordinary companies. You can tell that’s what they are because they look real.

She can’t have my teeth. She’ll get them when she pulls them from my cold dead mouth.

Your dentist is in on this. Be careful.

Hillary has a long history of trafficking in childrens’ teeth. Everyone knows this. We know this because we have photographs of her, like this one

she clearly has teeth.


Welcome to QMoron, where everything makes sense if you get high enough.

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