My feet are killing me, I have no skin left on my door knocking knuckles,  I need YET ANOTHER oil change for the car and I am so hoarse I can barely speak.

THAT said, I’ll be back at it bright and early tomorrow fighting the good fight for #Bernie2020.

Our district already has more committed 1st round Bernie votes than Medicare-for-Some Liz, Creepy Uncle Joe or Mayo Pete (way in excess of the required 15%) and that is in spite of Mayo’s on-going ad blitz and the MSM’s efforts to ignore Sanders at all costs.

So tomorrow starts the work to get there in the surrounding districts.    I can’t do much about the redneck asshats in the western and northern parts of this state, but the south WILL be all in for #Bernie2020

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(Just in case y’all were wonder where I got off to!)

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