Regardless of whether you are coming from Open Salon, Our Salon, Orphans of Open Salon, or some other venue for former OS members, Your Salon is a place where you can continue to have the same supportive, fractious, contentious, and mutually supporting conversations that made Open Salon unique.

It has been my observation that wherever Open Saloners have gone since they shut us down in 2014, we have taken the same mutually supportive attitude with us wherever we have gone.

How To Use BindleSnitch To Mirror Open/Our/Salon

  1.  USE THE COMMENTS SECTION ON THIS POST  to start and continue open conversations by introducing topics, and posting replies within this post. In operation, this will work in much the same way that FaceBook posts operate.
  2. USE THE POSTING SYSTEM for longer articles of at least 500 words. You can post articles here by using the *Salon category. (If you use the *Salon category, however, your posts will ONLY appear here on the Your Salon page. )
  3. You can keep track of what your cohorts are doing on BindleSnitch by referring to the MEMBERS SECTION.

Someone just told me there are only around a half a dozen people left on Our Salon, which may be why Lorianne decided to pull the pin….but I want to seek what happens. If you build it, I hear, they will come.