“Oy Vey” Diplomacy

I’m sure that it is a total “coincidence” that the “team” who is “supposedly” negotiating an “equitable” peace between Israel and the Palestinians is comprised of an all-male, Orthodox/Conservative-raised, group of Israel-benefactors from New York.

Additionally, that they all were raised in a “Greater Israel” environment and have the AIPAC seal of approval is a pure “coincidence”, as well.

[/ absolute dismayed sarcasm because this “negotiating team” is total bullshit designed to allow Israel to annihilate the Palestinian people when they reject a totally bogus and one sided “take it or else!” proposal)


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Don’t believe me?  Okay, then please explain “them” to me:

  • Jason Greenblatt – Prior Diplomatic Experience:  Real estate lawyer for the Trump Organization and studied at Yeshiva Dov Revel, the Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy and Yeshiva University.
  • Avi Berkowitz –  Prior Diplomatic Experience:  “Jared Kushner’s Former Coffee Boy” (Vanity Fair ) and studied at Yeshiva Kol Torah School in Jerusalem for two years.
  • Jared Kushner – Prior Diplomatic Experience:  Fucking Trump’s daughter.
  • David Friedman – Prior Diplomatic Experience:  Trump’s bankruptcy lawyer , politically appointed US Ambassador to Israel and head of the American Friends of Bet El (Bet El is an illegal Israeli settlement).


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Now if you are going to “equitably” negotiate a fair, just and lasting peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians why would all four of the involved parties be people who have deep pre-government ties to Israel & its religious institutions, support illegal occupation & settlements and clearly have a pro-“Eretz Yisrael Hashlema” agenda?

(…and yeah…  we DO already know the answer…  just like throwing loaded dice, right?)

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