Pentagon Approves Diversion of Military Funds for Trump’s Wall

Pentagon Approves Diversion of Military Funds for Trump’s Wall:  Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper has agreed to free up $3.6 billion from the Pentagon’s budget for President Trump’s border wall, even though it will actually only build just 54.5 miles of new border fencing and effectively defund 127 military construction projects.

Call me old fashioned, but I was always under the impression you’re supposed to use government funds for whatever purpose they were actually authorized to be used for.  Silly me!

Wonder if anyone ever thought about the fact that if the Pentagon can so easily just surrender billions of dollars out of their budget for unrelated projects, maybe they didn’t really need the money in the first place?

Tell you what, I’ve got a novel idea.  Instead of building a useless border wall to keep desperate refugee families out, how about building a “firewall” to keep the damn Russian hackers out?

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