Pink is Not My Favorite Color

This past September, the BLP and I took a drive to Tacoma to visit the dahlia test gardens at Point Defiance Park. The roses, in a separate set of gardens adjacent,  were in full bloom as well.
The sheer number of varieties, colors, sizes and shapes of all the flowers was exciting and overwhelming.

The day was lovely- sunny and warm- and the morning light was especially nice.
We took our time. There weren’t many people around, as park attendance everywhere has been down. It was easy to stay far apart from the few other visitors.
We took over a hundred photos each.

I spent days culling and editing until I had a bank of reference photos to work from. I’ve been using it for months to make paintings from, and I haven’t even scratched the surface.

This particular blossom caught my eye for its shape and swirl and the buds about to burst open behind it. It reminds me of a dancer in motion, hence the title.

I am usually not a huge fan of painting with pink.  It is challenging to get it to look the way a flower looks, delicate and natural. The danger is always that pink can be insipid or look like stomach medicine. But lots of flowers are pink so I’m getting lots of practice.

The background on this one is a mixed black composed of red, blue, indigo, and even a little tiny bit of green. The overall effect in person is actually a very deep cold violet, but you can’t see that in this photo.


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