Pope Francis Stuck in Vatican Elevator for 25 Minutes

Pope Francis Stuck in Vatican Elevator for 25 Minutes:  Pope Francis arrived late for his weekly address in St. Peter’s Square, explaining that he had been stuck in an elevator in the Vatican for 25 minutes and had to be freed by firefighters. 

Now I’m sure you skeptics will ask, “where the hell was God during all this?”  Well, it was Sunday you ignorant heathens – and it’s God’s day off.  So, all the good folks immediately got busy sending out all their “thoughts and prayers” – along with the fire department.  Problem solved!

Anyway, I trust that the good Pope was ascending – and not descending in that elevator.  Now, I was about to say, “thank God for the fire department,” but I suppose the Pope will probably take care of all those formalities for me.

And as we all know, elevators normally only go up and down, but it sounds a lot like the Pope was actually stuck in a situation not unlike what Catholics often refer to as “purgatory.”  Good grief, who could have guessed purgatory would actually turn out to be a broken elevator?


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