Private Fire Crews Protect the Insured – Not the Public

Private Fire Crews Protect the Insured – Not the Public:  As Trump conservatives continue their mission of making deeper cuts into needed governmental services for the general public, and with wildfires becoming more commonplace as the Earth warms, many wealthy communities are now employing “private firefighting crews” to protect their property – but these organizations are quite controversial, as their mission is only to protect the homes of their wealthy clients.

How quaint!  Why, those nostalgic Trump conservatives want us to return back to those exciting days of yesteryear.  Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to reintroduce you to the concept of “Social Darwinism.” 

Yes indeed!  Back to that pre-Civil War model of “pay-for-play” firefighting.  “Just what do you mean you aren’t wealthy enough to pay for our fire or rescue services? Well then, I’m afraid you’re on your own my friend.  Oh, and have a nice day!” 

Ah yes, those were the days – weren’t they?  Before those pesky, commie, progressives forced government into providing first responders to protect ALL citizens – not just wealthy Americans.  What a crazy idea!  And just who is supposed to pay for that?

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