Putin, Caesar, and The Godfather: Parallels and A Question

The attempt to assassinate the Godfather, Don Vito Corleone, occurs at Christmas time and the story takes off from there.

More on ‘The Godfather’ later in this post…

Russian oligarchs believe Putin tricked them into appearing to support the war in Ukraine, and got them all sanctioned, report says

Russian oligarchs say Putin tricked them into supporting his war in Ukraine, per The New York Times.

When Putin announced the invasion, they were gathered before cameras “to tar everyone there,” The Times reported.

In the weeks that followed, Russian businessmen were hit with heavy sanctions by Western countries.

As the cracks in Russia’s war on Ukraine deepen, Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the West are now saying Russian President Vladimir Putin tricked them into appearing to support his invasion of Ukraine, according to an extensive investigation published Saturday by The New York Times.

How Putin’s War in Ukraine Became a Catastrophe for Russia:


As a result of Caesar’s increasingly monarchical and autocratic behaviour the conspiratorial plot to assassinate him was carried out by friends and close associates, including Marcus Junius Brutus, who believed that Caesar had become a threat to the Roman Republic and therefore had to be removed….

In ‘The Godfather’ saga, assassination was more than a way of doing business. It was apparently a way of life for the men at the highest levels of the criminal organization and enterprise depicted in the book and films:

Can you see any parallels in Putin’s current domestic situation, the assassination of Caesar, and ‘The Godfather’ stories?

To put it another way: Has Putin become a candidate for removal by a conspiracy of assassination at the hands of an inner circle of close ‘friends’ and ‘business’ associates…