Red v Blue / North v South: Trump’s Civil War?

So here we are, as the headlines and reports attest, Trump seems to have managed to foment sufficient sectional or regional discord to start a civil war of sorts:

Coalition of Six Southern States Coordinating Reopening Economies

“…A group of six southern Republican governors are coordinating the reopening of their states’ economies even as some health experts argue they have not reached the testing capacity required to do so safely.

Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee plan to reopen businesses in the coming days, although details about the restarting process are not yet clear.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis confirmed the plan Tuesday during an appearance on Fox News…”

New York and other East Coast states extend shutdown of nonessential businesses to May 15, Gov. Cuomo says

“.. .Cuomo is leading a working group of seven governors from the Northeast, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Delaware, who are coordinating their response to the pandemic. ..”

So here’s the question:

Trump wants to believe that he’s a wartime Commander-in-Chief, is a civil war what he has in mind?


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