Representatives Tlaib and Omar Must Go to Israel

Prime Minister Netanyahu is as small and as short-sighted as the current US president (who prompted the deny-entry move believing–wrongly–this will win him votes of hundreds of thousands of Jews). And it is not the first time Mr Netanyahu has abused our nation’s compact with his while claiming to cherish it–he accepted a House Address invitation knowing well that Mr Boehner kept knowledge of it from Mr Obama. That was a disgrace on Netanyahu’s part as well as the former Speaker’s, as is this latest.


This is simple: the women are elected US Representatives. Denying them entry over political views strikes at the soul of what we must continue to demand be resurrected as Israeli Democracy, no matter how far its PM has strayed from his nation’s, and our own, core values in his bound-to-fail alliance with United States authoritarianism. Both Representatives, Omar and Tlaib, must go to Israel.


Mr Netanyahu and Mr Trump simply must go. 

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