Sanders/Warren 2020… Why they will win!

I personally find this kind of stuff to be very interesting!  That probably is because it validates my post from yesterday!  LOL


Clicking on the following link will take you to the a NY Times article that shows that Sanders is totally creaming all other contenders when it comes to the number of individual campaign donations.  This is critically important because people who go out of their way to actually donate money VOTE!


Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns (link)


Next, you need to add in Warren.  If you refer to the “Candidates with the most individual donors when Sanders is excluded” graphic you can see that Harris and Biden aren’t too far behind, but it’s pretty easy to see that they are getting their donations from “special interest” areas.  Warren, on the other hand, has donor support from some of the most critical states that are “must wins” in regards to electoral votes.

The bottom line isn’t the amount of money, it is the number of donors.   Sanders has an amazing 746,000 donors and Warren has a respectable 421,000.   That means Sands has almost double the donors of anyone other than Warren and between the two of them they have almost the same number of donors as all other candidates combined!

It is stuff like this that makes me so suspect of “polls” that show things like Biden having a substantial lead.   It is easy to skew polling data by doing things like only polling via landline telephones or “excluding” the polling of certain demographic groups.  On the other hand, cash money donor info is pretty hard to screw around with because it needs to be “officially” reported.

Now we need to see if the DNC is going to put their thumb on the scale to make Creepy Joe their designated candidate.  IMO, if they do that the hell to pay is going to make the furor of the last election’s corruption and “screw overs” look like child’s play and they will have guaranteed another Trump win.

It is clear to see who the people want.  If the DNC refuses to give it to them then everyone who is pointing fingers had damn better ONLY point at them when it come to who’s head 4 more years of Trump falls on.

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