Sen. Tom Cotton Still Pitching Debunked Theory About Coronavirus

Sen. Ton Cotton (R-Ark.) is continuing to push a bogus and long ago debunked conspiracy theory circulating in many right-wing circles, that the coronavirus began in a biological weapons lab in Wuhan, China.

Oh, come on!  Who the hell cares about what Tom Cotton thinks about the coronavirus?  Like most intelligent Americans, I wanna know what biologists over at Trump University think we can do to stop this dreadful contagion.  

And what are these noted scientists recommending?  They say we simply need to add an additional 10 feet in height to Trump’s border wall, and that should prevent any virus from ever penetrating our borders.  Now, I’m no virologist, but guessing that means viruses must be afraid of heights. 

Anyway, perhaps we should give the poor Tom Cotton a break.  After all, he only recently learned that the Earth revolves around the Sun.  You don’t wanna load him up with too much information, too fast.  Hell, his head might explode.

But what bothers me most about Tom Cotton isn’t that, it’s that some folks are spreading a debunked theory that Cotton is actually a conscientious public servant – and not a deranged fear monger.  Now, who in the hell could have started that rumor?  My guess is Tom Cotton.

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