Senator Introduces Bill to Crack Down on Fake Meat Labeling

As more plant-based protein products like the Impossible Burger and Beyond Meats make their way onto store shelves and restaurant menus, US senator and cattle rancher Deb Fischer (R-NE) is taking action against these “fake food fads” by introducing “The Real MEAT Act,” which she claims will end the “deceptive labeling” on these “fake meat products.”

Thank you Senator Fischer, for protecting us against this insidious and horrific vegetarian threat to our country’s well-being.  And, just for the record, I’m sure the fact you’re a cattle rancher – has absolutely nothing to do with your stance on the issue.  

Oh sure, some are gonna argue that the label plainly says in bold letters “burger made from plants,” but that conveniently doesn’t take into account that reading product labels really isn’t one of your typical Trump supporter’s strong suits – not that those folks would even understand what the hell those labels say anyway.  

Frankly, I shudder to think how many loyal Trump supporters, hoping to spike their cholesterol levels and ingest more unnecessary antibiotics, were unable to do so because they were deceived into buying a healthier plant-based protein.  Thank goodness there still are Republicans around to rectify this kind of injustice!

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