Shopping From My Closet

As a woman who majored in fashion design in college, I’ve always loved clothing! I was thin in my youth, and managed to lose the weight to a still flattering appearance to wear clothes, but then middle age hit, and the minute I hit 50 my weight started to get out of hand.

Fifteen years later, a couple of Whole 30s, a Quick Weight Loss attempt that had worked in my 40’s and then finally trying Keto, I have managed to lose some weight. Oddly, the Keto flu maybe caused my body to get weak and that’s what caused me to pull my left groin muscle lifting a heavy plant during this past winter. So when I tripped on a rug and re-injured the groin muscle causing me to flinch and fall and ultimately break my left femur bone I landed in the hospital.

This created a challenge to stay on Keto and I think really, cutting the white foods served in the hospital, and rehab, and sticking with protein and vegetables got me to the fifteen pound weight loss.

Keto is perhaps helping me keep off the weight and to keep my spirits up I decided to be positive and be happy with how I look now. Happily, I’ve discovered a lot of clothes that had grown too small actually fit now. I hadn’t had the heart to donate everything that didn’t fit right which turns out to be a godsend.

Today, I ventured into my closet and set up my i-phone camera and posed in some outfits I didn’t used to fit in! Here’s the results.

A vintage Talbot’s striped knit top paired with red Old Navy capri’s.

Next, I got out a dress I ordered from Simply Be that was always a bit tight.

It’s actually sort of mini-length so I’ll pair it with leggings for colder weather.

So, if you need motivation to stick with a weight loss program after losing a little weight maybe you can do the same thing!

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