SoCal Residents Finally Taking Steps to Prepare for Disasters

SoCal Residents Finally Taking Steps to Prepare for Disasters:  After long ignoring pleas to prepare for natural disasters, Southern California residents appear to be finally taking some preparatory measures to address the issue.  Meanwhile, emergency officials warn that the recent series of powerful earthquakes should serve as a “wake-up call.”

All I can say is, if that was a “wake-up call,” they sure set it for the wrong time.  Hell, I wasn’t even sleeping.  That said, I suppose it’s fair to label earthquakes as a “wake-up call.”  At least for those who’ve apparently been basically unconscious – since the earth was formed. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Gavin Newsom is cautioning everyone about how important it is for all Californians to understand “these natural disasters can strike at any time – yes, even when you’re undergoing liposuction or colon hydrotherapy.” 

On a positive note, if rents are permitted to continue increasing unchecked around here like they have been of late, most of us will likely be living in tents or on vacant park benches anyway – so I suppose we’ll already be basically quake-proof.



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