Some Thoughts on the Death of the ‘Queen’

“Behind every great fortune there is a crime.” —Balzac

The vast British Empire covered a quarter of the world’s land area at its greatest extent in 1921.

The Empire played an integral role in the survival of the British monarchy.

The British Monarchy was/is the living symbol of the genocidal exploitation, theft, expropriation, and usurpation of the land, natural resources, and even the indigenous people in places such as:

India, North America, Africa, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand…

The subjugation and/or enslavement of the native peoples, the vast majority of whom were/are people of color, was the genesis and foundation of the obscene wealth and power acquired, accumulated, and amassed by the British Monarchy.

The impoverishment and underdevelopment of many of the so-called third world nations today is due in no small measure to centuries of British rule and hegemony…

A staple in the articulated justifications and rationales of this historical fact is all of the principal tenets of racism as we know and understand it to be…

In a comment on one of my recent  posts, Bitey said that: “racism is here, it’s there, and everywhere in between.”

Several hundred years of British empire and colonialism and the British Monarchy ensured that the racist rationales and justifications were spread to the four corners of the world.

It once was said that “the sun never sets on the British Empire”.

It can also be said that the sun never sets on the racism promulgated by the criminal enterprise operated for centuries by the crime family known as the British Monarchy….

I won’t be wringing my hands over the death of a racist crook…