Southern California Hit With 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake

Southern California Hit With 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake:  California experienced its strongest tremor in over 20 years as a 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck a remote region in the southeastern part of the state.

Of course, President Trump immediately pinned the blame right on California officials, saying those quakes are completely preventable if the state would just take time to rake up all that loose rock that’s laying around all over the place.  Adding that “this is just another liberal ploy to try and draw attention away from my magnificent parade.”

Anyway, every time we have an earthquake, seems like all my relatives back in Ohio (where they have deadly tornados) always ask, “why would you ever wanna live in a place that has earthquakes?  Frankly, I’ll take an earthquake over a tornado any day.  I mean, when all the shaking’s over, at least you know where you can find all your stuff.

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