Spam War Update: Manual Registration ONLY

When Robert and I set up this website, we were imagining that we would be inundated with new users clamoring to join TellusNewsDigest, back when BindleSnitch was TellusNewsDigest.

Well, that obviously didn’t happen…but we had built a system that was vulnerable to spam attacks because of the automated registration system.

Well, those pipe dreams have gone up in smoke, as pipe dreams are wont to do, so I have decided to byte (sic) the bullet and delete the automated registration program.

There was no way to do this except to delete the file.

So, now we need a new system for admitting new members.

Going forward from here. new members will be enrolled manually. This will be done once a day, well, actually, once a night, at 10 EST or EDT depending on the time of year.

I always wanted to build Bindle up by invitation only because I really wanted to resurrect OS but the magic didn’t happen again. That’s how it goes sometimes.

So, henceforth, anyone who wants to get on the bus has to know someone who is already on the bus and must have a sponsor, a current member who signs off on the aspirant’s aspirations. (I am high on caffeine today, in case you can’t tell.)

So, henceforth, if you want to sponsor someone to join this site, YOU  must send me that person’s full name, email address, desired user name, date of birth and mobile phone number (if that person has a smartphone.)

I will create new users manually and send out a confirmation email to the prospective member manually.

I’ve always been a Luddite at heart anyway.

Oh, yes. Where to send that information? Use the Contact Us form at the bottom of each page. Send me the requested information in the message box. (I will simplify that form as soon as I can but I have to start supper right now.)

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