SpamWar Update 2: I Think We Beat The Scammers

Just so you know, although we are not out of the woods yet, it looks like we have given the spammers the slip.

As I suspected, removing the auto-enrollment system from the website was quite enough, because the spammers already had the name of the file they needed to open to invoke the automatic -enrollment program, so it was necessary to remove it completely, which I did this afternoon, just before cooking dinner (which was fresh angel hair pasta, Fillip Berio’s really excellent bottled basil pesto, with chili-lime flavored grilled chicken, charred onions, and grilled tomatoes,  all from the barbie, and asparagus sauteed and then drizzled with a leftover marsala reduction from yesterday’s London broil.)

Now, somewhere on this site, I have a page that allows visitors to request an invitation to join BindleSnitch. Once I find that page and dust it off, I will post that page on the site so that it will not be necessary for anyone to send me an email sponsoring a potential member…unless you all think that’s actually a good idea.


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