Spanish Flu? You Bunch of Racists!

The 1918 flu epidemic infected over 500 million people. That was one-quarter of the entire world population at that time. Somewhere between 17 million and 100 million people died from the pandemic.

The flu became known as the “Spanish Flu” because it was believed that the country most impacted by the illness was Spain. This was not the case as the news media provided reduced numbers of deaths in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, giving the impression that the illness was far worse in Spain. It was also never reported that the illness started in Spain. The pandemic received its name from a false conclusion.

If you search the Spanish flu, you will find a lot of information about its origin, effects, and treatments, but one thing you will never find is some idiot declaring that calling it the “Spanish flu” was racist. This name was given because it was believed at the time that it had the deadliest effect in Spain. There was no race injection into it. It was just a name based on information available at the time.

Fast forward to today, where too many in the media and on Twitter are so absorbed in looking for offense and racism that they are losing their minds over President Trump calling COVID-19 a “Chinese virus.”

This virus started in China. That is not conjecture. That is something that everyone but the Chinese government agrees upon. However, instead of focusing on important ways to stop the spread and help those who are sick, who have lost their jobs, or who are in danger of being shattered economically, we have a bunch of complete lunatics losing their minds over the accurate depiction of where this disease began.

If anyone has a right to gripe it is Spain who has incorrectly had a virus attached to their country. China cannot say that and neither can anyone in this country.

It is time to stop looking for reasons to be offended or to try to find racism in everything that is said. Sometimes a fact is a fact even if it is an inconvenient one to accept.

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