Sweep of Arrests Hit US Neo-Nazi Group Connected to Five Murders

After pressure from law enforcement, journalists and anti-fascist activists, the Trump administration has finally acted and arrested five senior members of the heavily armed neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division (AWD) across the US – an organization associated with at least five murders.

Look, as I’m sure as any Trump follower will quickly tell you, just because these folks happen to be neo-Nazis, white supremacists and paranoid conspiracy theorists – doesn’t necessarily make them all bad people.  Sure, these folks are accused of 5 murders, but it’s nothing personal – it’s just racism.  

Why, these are just your typical soccer moms and dads, attending their kid’s high school football games on Friday nights, Saturday morning is combat training and learning how to overthrow the Deep State, Sunday morning is church and prayer, followed by bomb making classes and, later in the afternoon, a nice picnic lunch with the kids at the gun range.  Just wholesome, nice, family stuff!


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